Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018

Lets talk about this upcoming full moon eclipse. Wow have you been feeling the energies shifting leading up to this?

I know for me the last month of my life has been about transcending patterns, programs, projections and triggers that have been there since my beginning. So I’ve had things come up that have challenged me to my core.

I’ve done so much concentrated work the last few years that I have been able to maintain my internal state of peace, but man I would have been highly triggered to react before.

Basically it’s a time of transcendence. So if you’ve been working on stuff for a long time, and you know you’ve got the lesson, then you can transcend the lesson. It’s no longer going to serve you, so it’s not going to come up any more.

If you haven’t got the lesson then it will still trigger you and you may be triggered more

than usual in the next few weeks due to the effect the eclipse on Friday will have and the upcoming solar eclipse on August 11.

You may feel a lot of tension, anger and release happening right now. It’s normal, you’re not going crazy!

You’re going to be releasing what no longer serves you, your karmic debt patterns that you’re done with and it’s going to usher in massive transformation if you allow it to.

I’m all about transformation so bring it on!

The other cool thing is it’s going to create an opening for you to really figure out what you’re meant to do. If you’re still searching, asking for what your purpose is, Friday will be a great time to sit with yourself and get some clarity around that.

Wow so much happening in the stars right now. It does effect you and you’re not going crazy when you sense things aren’t normal. Just go with it. Make sure you’re communicating clearly and articulately because Mercury retrogrades again on Thursday, and just focus on staying in your lane.

YOU BE YOU, You work on you, and when you focus on you, then you’ll get through all this gracefully!




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