To me the most incredible compliment I get is… You’re Glowing! I LOVE receiving that compliment. It’s so much more than you’re pretty or beautiful. To me You’re Glowing represents a whole vibe It’s a whole way of being that encapsulates your femininity, your radiance, your love for life. It embodies your transformation & all the work you’ve done on…

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What Does Success Take?

Paint a vivid picture of your most successful self & then act like that person, embody her qualities, feel like you already are her right here, right now. Night one of the Shadow Series Masterclass was Amazing! So good! Day two starts at 12:30 PM CST today! & we are going to dive deeper into the quote above! You…

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You are the Divine Light of God made manifest.

You are the Divine Light of God made manifest. Your super powers are buried under shadows waiting for the Light to expose them so they can be set free! Are you ready to know your super powers? Yes Yours! I used to be scared of mine. That was shadow Unlocking them has been an incredible gift up in frequency Watching…

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Take the Leap!

When it feels scary to jump…that’s when you jump. Your next level is never ever going to feel comfortable! So do you want your next level? Or are you ok with staying small. Accepting what you’ve got right now? Is your bank account really ok with you right now? Is your debt really ok with you right now? Is your…

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Listen to YOUR voice

When i got to my late 30’s I went through a major shift in my life. It started out by questioning everything that I was doing at the time. I started looking 5 years down the road & I was like, if I keep doing this will I really be where I want to be? Do I want to be…

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