10 Things Strong Women Do in Love Relationships

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I posted this the other day and got quite a bit of mixed comments on it.
How does this post trigger you?
Does it trigger you?
I had comments about this making a women feel inadequate. I had some really weird comments all the way around.
By no means is this a comprehensive list. This list is also not meant to make you feel weak or inadequate if you don’t do what's on the list.

This list is meant to get you to think. So that you recognize how to stand in your own worth & sovereignty. When it comes to relationships I hear from a lot of people all the time through all the social media's.

A lot of people I hear from are selling themselves short and then wonder why they aren't in a loving relationship. You can't sell yourself short and expect to have an epic love affair. Those are two different vibrations that are no where near one another. If you want epic love you've got to vibrate that.

So if you're constantly settling for a person who is married, or in another relationship who is unavailable, who is abusive, who is stringing you along what ever it is that's a vibration that's lower than the love you desire. So if you want to have your desires, you've got to raise your vibe. In order to raise your vibe you've got to redefine love for yourself and sometimes that takes someone helping you.

Why? because you may not know what a healthy love looks like. No fault of yours though. When we are kids 0-7 years old we are going by what we see. If we form what's called Trauma Bonds to certain behavior we form a belief that, that's love. It's mind blowing but I don't want you to feel bad about it, just witness it. When you witness it you can change it.

When you witness and judge it what will change? Usually nothing. So I'm bringing this up to you so you can lovingly see it, witness it so you can start to change it. Please don't judge yourself for your past decisions. Those are research and development. You get to continually choose new and different, remember that.

So I want to break down these 10 steps below so they can help you.

1. When you get into relationship do you start to ignore others in your life? Do you suddenly make life all about your lover? That’s not healthy this is why you must maintain your life aside from your romantic  relationship. If not it breeds codependency.

2. Love you must maintain your own money sitch & never be controlled by a man! I have been studying money all year in order to get better because I’ve always sucked at it. So I’m learning so I don’t suck. You’ve gotta do the same

3. You can’t change him or her. So don’t. If you can’t accept them as they are keep walking sis!

4. Hello! If you don’t have your own dreams & goals it’s just another red flag for codependent behavior. What do you want love? It’s your life!

5. When you know your worth & you stand in your sovereignty there’s no need to act needy. Because you know who you are.

6. I mean passive aggressive is just childish. Let’s be direct. They can’t read your mind anymore than you can read theirs. You have a problem, say it. Air it out & move on. Passive aggressive is immature & breeds resentment. Resentment kills all relationships!

7. Hello you can still make a decision & if this relationship doesn’t allow for that it’s a red flag. Be strong enough to walk away

8. Don’t complain period. It’s low vibe & brings down your radiance. Stay high vibe & be grateful. If this relationship is too tough to be grateful about then time to rethink it.

9. No one can meet all your needs. Yes you want to find a partner aligned so that your relationship needs are met. Because you do have needs. We all do. But the more clear you are on the needs you have the better. Get clear on your needs & align to a partner who will meet them on some level. Recognize the needs they cannot or will not meet & make sure they are getting met in some way. There’s always a way!

10. Stay true to you! Know who you are. Get to know you, continue evolving & loving the woman you become on your life journey. It’s an epic ride, make it count!

Most important...LOVE THE EFF OUT OF YOU! You’re so worthy, magical & truly amazing!!

I hope you enjoyed this and are committed and ready to really love and honor yourself in relationship. Sometimes that takes learning a new way and forming new beliefs. It's that way with everything. I do this in other areas of my life all the time because there were some very disempowering beliefs I had around some things. Well the only way to get a different result is to change beliefs. Shifts thoughts, come up in frequency and recognize that all of life can look different if we're committed.

Love is worth it. that juicy amazing relationship is worth doing the work for. I'm here to help you.

have an amazing weekend!




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