4 Stages of Twin Flames

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey then you know it can be painful. Are you experiencing that pain right now? Maybe you’re in separation. Maybe you’re in and out of each other’s lives. Maybe you’ve never even met. It’s confusing, hard and sometimes we just want released from it.

But the journey really isn’t about a relationship with another as much as it’s about a relationship with yourself. If you’re not willing to dive into who you are at your core, being with your twin flame in harmonious union is going to be difficult…well impossible.

It’s set up for you to wake up. So often we mistake it for being about someone else.

It’s an opportunity for you to dive into your limiting beliefs, bring them up to heal and let go of. It’s those beliefs that keep you stuck and small. The collective message that’s been coming through so loudly lately is that we’ve been playing too small.

I was like what do you mean by that?

I’m showing up everyday for my mission etc. But I had this belief in not being worthy or enough for what I asked for. So major lack and limits. I had placed them on myself and when you place them on you, you place them on God. Why because God works through you. You are a channel or vessel and when you limit yourself you limit God. We are souls/spirits having a human experience.

God expresses God’s self through all of us. The plants, people, all living things. So when we place limits on ourselves we place limits on God.

So I had been living from this limiting place. Scared to really go after what I wanted and knew in my heart I deserved because I had told myself that was extravagant. God doesn’t do extravagant only basic. What! Seriously! That was a limiting belief I had.

I had purchased a Jaguar F Pace and then beat myself up for buying that car because I judged it as being too expensive, extravagant and no one in my family buys things like this so who am I to drive it. I pushed it away energetically, until the Universe got my attention about it and had to really shift my belief paradigms regarding nice things. Can you relate?

These crazy beliefs that we have inside of us that we don’t even realize are there have to come up and heal in order for us to be with our twin flame. Ever wonder why they make and appearance and then they are gone again? Well they come in to stir things up for you so you go to another level of growth. And they will keep doing that until you’ve let go of Lack Consciousness, low vibrational energies, limiting beliefs and lack of self worth, self esteem and feelings of abandonment, unworthiness and not enough.

You have to come home to you and your wholeness.

It’s about you…about that. Do you see God would love to give you everything you ask for. In fact it’s in your vortex, it’s you and your beliefs holding you apart from them. When you come home to your soul you begin to align with your vortex and all the things you have declared come in to you… and fast!

Aligning with your soul and doing that work is required. I realized there are 4 stages to the soul on this journey. There may be more, but for now I have identified 4.

Soul Recognition

Soul Activation

Soul Expansion

Soul Emergence


I’ll go through each one so you understand them.

Soul recognition is when you meet the twin flame and actually have that shift within where you understand there is familiarity, a deep connection. This is when the obsessive thoughts start. You could start the running/chasing at this point too. In my case it was another year until we were both in a place to be open to dating other people. I had soul recognition and didn’t understand what it was. I just knew I couldn’t get this person out of my mind and I thought I was kinda crazy. You feel me?

Next is Soul Activation. This is when you come together sexually. Now you can have soul expansion before you activate. Because your soul will begin to expand the moment you meet your twin flame. That’s the point of the journey. But when you come together sexually there is an activation that takes place for both people. The divine feminine is activated into spiritual gifts and usually a kundalini awakening ensues (Not always).

When you’re activated sexually/spiritually by your twin the signs and synchronicities begin to show up to indicate the twin flame connection. You begin to open up to your psychic abilities, your clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant gifts. You being to open up to your spiritual gifts. You can start this process before sexual activation, but once you connect sexually it takes it to another level and fast.

Then you have your Soul Expansion. I had already been on a soul expansion journey for 5 years before Soul Activation. Here’s what I saw as the difference. Before Soul Activation I was investing in myself and doing lots of healing and personal development. There were aspects of myself that I was not touching. Maybe I was afraid…yeah probably really afraid of looking at. But I was still growing and doing lots of work on myself.

When my twin flame and I had soul activation my growth intensified and went really deep really fast. So 5 years worth of work condensed into a few months once that took place. It was tough, but necessary.

There came a time when I had to surrender to the journey. The growth was so intense. I was working with many people to get support and help on the path and not understanding the journey I was pushing my energy out to the twin flame, pushing him away from me.

I pushed him to someone else and then on 11/11/18 I surrendered to the journey completely and had to approach it differently. It was time to let go of control. Clearly the way I was going was not going to manifest any sort of union, it was only driving him further from me. I wanted union. It’s all I ever wanted with this person.

Have you gotten to that point?

You want union and no matter what you do it alludes you? Check out Sovereign Soul for help on that. It will take you through the process you need to go through to let go and let God. You can’t do it on your own. I tried. Didn’t work.

So when I surrendered to the journey, I had gone through the expansion of getting past my limiting beliefs (there were still some to work through), I had my soul activation and recognition then it was time for Soul Emergence.

Soul Emergence is when you step into who you are and why you are here. Your mission and purpose. Things become about others and not you and your union. Letting go of the need to be with the twin flame in union is when your soul really gets to emerge.

Many people won’t let go because they measure what they will lose, rather than what they will gain. Letting go to see what you gain requires faith and trust. Most haven’t built that muscle. We have to see it to believe it rather than the other way around.

This journey is a transition from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness where we see our God self, let go of lack and limitation and live at Love or Above frequency. Then and only then can you have harmonious union with your twin flame. It doesn’t work before that. Soul Emergence sets the tone and stage for that union.

But if you’re hanging on to needing to be in union with your twin then you’re just holding it off until you trust and let go. You have to let go of the obstacles, the time it’s going to take all of that.

What works is you coming to love frequency. When you are in love frequency you let go of fear based energy, your lack and limitations. You’ve let go of judgment of yourself and your twin, you have stepped into trust and abundance. Inclusion, love.

To hear more on this check out my video on this. And if you are ready to be in harmonious union with your twin flame enroll in Sovereign Soul today so that you can begin to transcend the low vibrations keeping you stuck and away from your twin.

All in all this is a growth path, a path to ascension and path home to you. You HAVE to find you first. You have to love you, know you are worthy and enough, let go of the fear of abandonment and need to control and be co dependent. None of those behaviors will get you into harmonious union.

How do you know if you have them…Check yourself and be honest. I thought I had dealt with my triggers from my twin flame until he came in and took off again and all my fears and triggers came up to the surface to be transcended once and for all.

I hadn’t let go and surrendered, I still was comparing myself to other people, I still thought he’d choose someone else prettier or wealthier or more successful than me because I didn’t see that in me yet.

I had to come home and start listening to my soul. To see my own magnificence, to love, honor and cherish me. Then and only then could I open to my harmonious union.

Let go and let God. Work on yourself (meditation is not enough) and commit to your growth and expansion. Another opportunity for you to work on yourself is through Hearts Edge which is a self study program to open up your heart and get you past your small story and triggers. We don't see them within ourselves. This opens us up. As you do you’ll see the limitations you’ve put on yourself fall away and a whole new world open up to you.


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