Just call me Jenn…

Hmmm well, I’m just a girl who wanted to figure out why life wasn’t working for her. And what I mean by life not working…broke, in consumer debt, no relationship, poor self-image, excess weight, not living life to the fullest at all, and in an unstable career with no promises and tremendous uncertainty.

So I went on a journey to figure out me. It has required vulnerability, authenticity, honesty, surrender, but it has ultimately led me back to love…love of me. And knowing I am enough!

Could it be that simple? Yeah, but for whatever reason we seem to have trouble accepting and loving ourselves for exactly who we are. So we settle for unfulfilling careers, terrible relationships, financial woes and all the stress that those things add.

Your soul is calling for more. You want more out of life, you know you are meant for more, but how do you get it? It’s a question so many ask, believe me, you’re not the only one asking.

I’m not here with all the answers. You already have them in your soul anyway. I’m just here to help guide you back to your soul. We’ve been taught that we are our mind and body, yet the opposite is true. We are our soul and have been out of touch with it our entire lives.

I’m not really here to teach you anything, really I’m here to help you remember. And if you are on the Twin Flame journey then you are on a journey back to your soul. That’s the whole purpose. Believe it or not it’s not about a relationship with the twin. I know I know.

So I’m just here sharing my journey in hopes it will help and inspire you. We’re here together to lift and build each other up. This Twin Flame ride can be full of twists and turns. It doesn’t have to be all pain. I promise you’ll consider it the most beautiful gift if you continue following my teachings.

It definitely takes courage, but in the end it’s all worth it. I hope my words help to inspire you to begin dancing in your self and falling in love with you.

Thank you for stopping by!

Many Blessings


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