Alchemy Healings

Hi Love,

Welcome to Alchemy Healing! Everything is energy & we have the ability to heal through the quantum field. Alchemy sessions are a time I go into your field & clear Karma & Agreements, move Beings (Low frequency souls attached to & in your body). I also will clear movies, pictures, machines & old templates running. Your soul is really old so there's a lot of stuff you've picked. Clearing this out allows you to come up in frequency. The higher you go the freer you are. The point is to open your body up to pack in more of God's light & let the dense darkness go. When you pack in more light you reverse age, feel happy & joyful & enter a stage of ease, flow & grace. It's a beautiful journey up in frequency!

All sessions are remote because I'm using the field to access your soul & do the healing.

What can you expect? During the healing you may feel intense joy. You may feel tired & want to sleep. You may yawn &/or burp a lot. You may get emotional. Every healing is different. What you can expect after is a peaceful feeling. A feeling of more love & joy.

You will need to be continuously healing & clearing to feel the bliss all the time. In between session you may also feel very triggered by something. The trigger is meant to move the stuck energy out. These clearings don't bypass your need to heal deeply & really look at your limiting beliefs, trauma bonds etc that hold you back.

Individual remote healing

$50 Per Session

Purchase 5 for $200

*When you purchase you'll send me an email letting me know about what you are desiring to heal. This is a completely remote session. I will let you know when I am going to do the session & send you an email after to recap. This will not require a phone consultation.


Healing & Coaching session

$250 per Hour 1/2.

Purchase 5 for $997

*We will get on the phone & actually work out & dig in to your stuff. You'll also have access to text me in between sessions if things should come up.

To purchase please click the link to be directed to paypal.

Thank you in advance!




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