What is a Twin Flame?

What is a Twin Flame? There are many different theories out there. Some say it’s a soul split in half, or another way of saying it is they are the other half of your soul. I believe a twin flame is someone you share soul resonance with. You have the same soul yet you are…

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Twin Flames…

Twin Flames… Where do I even begin? What do I say about this type of connection? There’s so much to say! Back in July one of my energy healers suggested to me that a dynamic that I had been playing out with a man in my life was a twin flame connection. She just tossed…

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Don’t compare yourself to strangers on the internet, instead let them inspire you to what is truly possible I’m on this very intentional deliberate manifestation focus right now. I’m done letting things happen in my life and seeing them almost come to fruition. I’ve gotten very intentional and very deliberate about what I am drawing in….

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Lunar Eclipse July 27th 2018

Lets talk about this upcoming full moon eclipse. Wow have you been feeling the energies shifting leading up to this? I know for me the last month of my life has been about transcending patterns, programs, projections and triggers that have been there since my beginning. So I’ve had things come up that have challenged…

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