Get Started with Keto Diet Easier

Most people when they start the keto diet have been eating poorly for a long time. The whole reason most people start the diet or seek it out is because they have a few pounds to lose. So they dive head first in and then get sick, get a rash, feel terribly and plateau at…

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Foods to avoid while on the Keto Diet

  Foods to avoid while on the Keto Diet Ok everyone is talking keto these days! Who knew this little known diet could cause such a stir and create such amazing results in people. You know we’re so used to diets being boring and causing us to be hungry, hangry, and feel like we’re losing…

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How much should I exercise when starting a Keto Diet

Well Hi there! I get so many questions about this and one of the biggest mistakes I see so many people making when going Keto is working out too much and too hard. When you do that you really damage your metabolism and that can cause weight loss plateau later on your Keto journey. I’ve…

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Why was I afraid to Manifest?

Are you afraid of trying to manifest your desires and dreams?   There’s so much talk about manifestation lately, it seems like it’s everywhere. And it seems like so many people are making it work for them in their lives. But this is a serious question and one that smacked me right in the face…

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Be willing to risk the open

Why am I single and why are so many of my friends who are beautiful & accomplished women 40 + still single? What’s that about? The first things that come to mind for most women, and these were some of my beliefs; there are no good men available, they always choose the younger prettier ones,…

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