Foods to avoid while on the Keto Diet


Foods to avoid while on the Keto Diet

Ok everyone is talking keto these days! Who knew this little known diet could cause such a stir and create such amazing results in people.

You know we’re so used to diets being boring and causing us to be hungry, hangry, and feel like we’re losing it! I think this is the first diet where you actually aren’t starving on it. You also feel amazing, have insane energy, and holy cow the muscle you build is insane.

So many reasons to love Keto. The one thing that is a bit if a draw back is that it’s sort of restrictive especially with sugar and carb intake. So theres always a question… should I eat it or not?

I’ve put together this little guide to help you navigate the waters of what to avoid while on Keto so there’s no guessing.

  • All Pastas even gluten free substitutions
  • Processed breads, even the gluten free options
  • Grains (Except Quinoa in moderation)
  • Factory farmed fish
  • Factory farmed Meats: Pork, beef, chicken, turkey (I’ll explain more later in the blog)
  • ALL processed meals: can, jar, frozen or boxed
  • Whey Protein and/or sugary shake supplements
  • These artificial sweeteners: splenda, aspartame, equal, sucralose, saccharin, acesulfame

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