Darkness always leads to Light…

Do you guys ever get super frustrated with yourself?

I know I do a lot!

I get frustrated with my patterns and addictions repeating the same thing over and over and creating stupid scenarios in my life that over complicate it when it doesn’t need to be this way.

I get frustrated too because I’m a smart capable person, I’ve done a lot of work on myself yet still fall into these patterns of destructive thoughts and behaviors. Ugh!

As I was meditating this morning it came to me that the shadow side of me is just as beautiful and necessary as the light. For without my darkness, I can never know light.

My darkness is my teacher, and way shower. These patterns, while they are not something I can continue in for the long term or expect to create the life I most desire from that space serve a purpose of perspective.

They encourage me to love…unconditionally. Any body can love what’s easy to love, but what about what’s hard? That’s where unconditional love comes in and unconditional love starts with us, ourselves. Because if we cannot love ourselves unconditionally how can we love another in that way? It’s impossible.

Unconditional love is loving ALL parts of you, the light and the dark, embracing them for all they mean in your life. It’s not striving for perfection because that doesn’t exist. It’s just BEING who you truly are at your core. Your Authentic You…No apologies necessary.

And when we can love the shadow side of ourselves unconditionally it gives us the courage to step into looking at those things and begin to change them, grow them and manifest more of what we truly desire.

The other thing about it is that when you begin to unconditionally love your own shadow (patterns and addictions) you then cast judgment aside for another, because when you see them in their own stuff, you can acknowledge that for what it is. And when we hold space for love of self and are able to hold space for love of another then humanity begins to heal.

So fall in love with yourself. All sides of yourself, no matter how much the dark frustrates you. You’ll eventually see the Light because it’s the only way to it.

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