Dear Masculine Energy

This is a powerful message for any woman struggling to manifest & create the life of their dreams. There's a specific reason for this & this post is a very powerful channel I had come through me that really sums up my struggle & how I've shifted everything in my life!
I know a ton of women who are single for a long time into their late thirties & through their 40's. It's not that there aren't any good men. Please read this post if you desire to change your life. It will help you so much...

Dear Masculine Energy


Thank you. Thank you for the part you played in my life.


👏🏼You helped me meet goals

👏🏼Support myself

👏🏼Meet my needs

👏🏼You created rigid structure that helped me feel safe

👏🏼You helped me build walls when I didn’t have the emotional intelligence to deal with my empathic nature

👏🏼You kept me in my mind when I didn’t know how to feel safe in my body

👏🏼You kept life predictable when I didn’t have the tools to manage the unpredictable.

👏🏼You helped me control my environment when the world felt scary & unsafe


I wanted success so bad & I thought I was doing right. I thought it was about putting my head down, waking up early, going to bed late, I'll have fun later, work tons of hours & never let loose in life. I felt safe in my stiffness, my rigidity because I needed that control.


You’ve had your dominant place in my life when I couldn’t function any other way. I was scared. I didn’t know.


I’m sorry, please forgive me, i love you, thank you.


And you get to take your rightful place in my life because…


Dear feminine energy

I’m ready for ya girl! 💫👑

My judgement was that you were weak, chaotic, dumb, & messy.


When you were sexy it was because you were screaming for attention.

You cried too much & couldn’t be trusted.

And you were completely illogical!

I didn’t like depending on you because you scared me.

I had empirical evidence that DOING worked, but how could I ever trust just BEING?


But in your gentle & loving way you have convinced me that you are strong, & that by being more aligned to you in my life I can actually create & manifest everything I desire. That you are actually the magnetism I seek, that radiance & true beauty is found in the depths of your sexuality & that your chaos is actually my order.


It hasn’t been easy creating new neural pathways to you. It hasn’t been easy to convince me to lean back when I had created from habit a pressure situation where I have to manifest NOW.👊🏽I was always in a state of manic manifesting.


that feeling of oh my gosh it has to come, now what will I do. Then creating a cycle of judgment that I was in that position again.


It has taken some getting used to to trust intention, lean back, BE & then receive. I wasn’t open to receiving...remember I can do it myself!

We’ve been peeling back layers for awhile now. & I’m grateful I listened & trusted & let go. Yes I surrendered.


This journey has taught me more than you’ll ever know. I’m grateful & I’m so ready to fully embrace my feminine side.


Sovereign Soul my 6 week course is open for enrollment. I’ll teach you the process I embody to create new neural pathways that have created profound transformation in my own life. I’ll show you to road to alchemical healing. I show you how to love yourself unconditionally & how to create trust in you…your feminine.


For women having a hard time magnetizing men, money, & a fulfilling career this program will begin to open you up & align you to the balance of your masculine & feminine energies.


It really does get to be easy & fun & gentle & sensual & magnetic. Wow I didn't think it was possible for me...& I know now it is. And it's certainly possible for you too.


I invite you to embark on this 6 week journey with me. I'll help you heal alchemically, & shift you so profoundly. This course will change your life in the best way possible.


See you inside! My facebook group opens Monday January 27th. Our first call starts Feb 13th. Healing begins upon enrollment.


xoxo I'm so grateful for you, for this journey, for this platform to help you to your other side what ever that may be.

Have an amazing weekend beautiful.

I love you


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