Flipping the Script on the Twin Flame Journey

Chances are you’re on the Twin Flame Journey if you’re reading this. Chances are you’re in pain and you’re looking for answers to ease the pain. Believe me I know! Been on this journey a long time now and I’m finally to the point where I can be grateful for it and see it for what it is.

In this blog and video I wanna offer you some hope and perspective that I received regarding my Divine Masculine.

So join me as I go down this rabbit hole to help you make sense of his role for you.

I want you to imagine for a minute that you’re still in spirit form, this is before you incarnate into this physical reality. And you’re working out the contract the two of you will share in this lifetime and all the intricacies and details of what roles you’ll play for each other.

One of you decided you’ll come in as the Divine Feminine and you’ll go on the journey to awakening first. The other of you decided you’ll come in as the Divine Masculine and remain unaware or unawakened for longer. However before you come in you’re both spiritually equal, which means that in this incarnation you are still spiritually equal.

You each decide to take on life lessons that are going to mold and make you into the person you’re meant to be. That will ultimately give you life purpose.

So you both come loaded with certain triggers that are wounds at your core. These wounds must be alchemized because they stem from fear.

If you have a wound of not being wanted, or enough in some way, or being too much of something then those wounds stem from our deepest fear of not being loved. And we are here to love…unconditionally.

But if fear is in the way we can’t see the love. It’s blinded by our own insecurities and perceived inadequacies. It controls our behaviors, our thoughts…everything! It’s the monster destroying your life and quite frankly your Twin Flame Harmonious Union.

This relationship is meant to bring all this up so that you can heal your fears and return to the frequency of love.

You guys this whole thing is about frequency and vibration. When you begin to vibrate love or above (Watch the video for more details of what I mean by love or above) then you begin to let go and surrender into your true divine nature. Who you really came here to be!

So getting back to flipping the script on this whole divine masculine thing. So the DM is meant to stand as a mirror back to you as to where you’re at vibrationally. The vision that I get is a pillar or even an anchor. It’s like they are unmoved or unphased. They just are there as this divine mirror.

So here’s where it gets juicy…here’s the meat.

You’re DM had to take on a lesser role for himself in order to play that part for YOU! Yes you! So instead of judging him for not being awake, or working on himself, or what ever. What if you sent him an insane amount of love and gratitude for the role he chose to play for you to allow you to evolve.

Maybe you’re not there yet.

Maybe you’re still hurting deeply from this journey and what he has “done” to you.

But if union is something you desire which I think we all do then judgment is keeping him away from you. It’s not allowing the fullest expression of your union to take place.

You must alchemize the judgment and let it all go.

You must step into a love vibrations for yourself and your twin and send him love and healing energy every chance you get.

I go into more detail in the Video.


Please like, share, comment, let me know if you have questions. I’d love to hear from you and help you on this journey.


  1. Wow Jenn this video was amazing and really did help. I’ve been so confused on this relationship for so long. Recently an amazing woman from my past contacted me after not hearing or speaking for 5 years. I still don’t know what to make of this but I know she believes in a twin flame and she believes she’s a lightworker and based on everything that has happened I believe her. So many crazy synchronicities and way too much to get into here. Very much appreciate you shedding some light on this. You have no idea how much

    • Thank you! Yes It’s such a confusing hard journey especially if you don’t know what to do. The 3D is an illusion and it’s journey of the soul back to unconditional love. So the 3D stuff showing up is to trigger you so you get out of the mind and into the HEART!!! Go back to your soul and what you know there. It’s the ultimate ascension process, and it will propel you there fast. It’s truly been the hardest of my life to make sense of. But I’m so blessed to be on it and I’m so grateful to my twin flame for his role in my ascension.

  2. Just came across your page and I will definitely be using your resources alot in the future! I was recently awakened by a guy I’ve been friends with on social media for years, but actually had no idea who he was or how we became friends (lol isnt that the great/creepy part about social media?) He lives in California but he’s from my hometown where I still live and all of his family lives here still as well. He started talking to me more after a recent breakup I went through with a boyfriend of 9 yrs back in october and he ended up completely flipping my world upside down and it felt like I had known him forever. Like he just really felt like home. The one. You know, what fairy tales are. And I felt so comfortable sharing everything with him. Stuff i hadn’t even shared with my mom. Lol And we hadn’t even met yet. Well, I came across the word twin flame and all signs pointed to my feelings and experiences. I asked him what he thought and he said he didn’t really know much about the term so i kind of let it go. After meeting over Christmas when he was home, I felt even more positive that we were twins but he still didn’t really know how we were connected even though he knew our souls had known eachother in a past life to some extent. So basically, here I am, a baby on this awakened journey, seeming crazy to all my friends and feeling crazy for believing in this twin flame stuff when the more experienced awakened person of the two of us doesn’t even really know if we are twins or not. All this to say. I’ve got alot to learn probably. Yay life and trying to remember that my soul for some reason signed up for all of this in a past life. Oh well, the reunion one day will make all the crazy worth it, right?

  3. Ok, one last question! What if, like I said, your twin is the more highly ascended twin and they know what a twin flame is theoretically speaking, but don’t maybe view you as one? Does that mean that I am the more spiritual twin just in this area? And he’s helping me evolve by being asleep to the one thing I wish he was on board with? Like, in my finite thinking I just feel like it would be so much easier if he just came out and said, you were right, we are twins, let’s make sense of this together. Instead, im over here thinking I’m crazy, wondering if he’s thinking about me as much as im thinking about him. Wondering if our initial meeting in the 3D was as great for him as it was for me. Because he’s already been on the unconditional love journey for some time, so I feel like if he’s really about unconditional love he would recognize this as an aspect of the journey or at least recognize what I did within a week of being awakened. Also, if he is asleep to the idea of twin flames, now that we have met, if he really is my twin, is it the same for him that if he meets or tries to be with anyone else, it won’t be as fulfilling as being with me, or would he have to know himself we are twins to feel that? Because after meeting him, i know I would rather be single than to settle for less than what I had with him, if only briefly.

    • Well welcome to my blog and welcome to the twin flame journey! Hopefully since you’re finding solid answers early you won’t have to experience some of the pain of others. it’s really good you’re being guided to great resources. So first of all you’re not crazy! We all think that at first because like you say I barely know him! Same here! but the connection was so strong and the triggers so intense that I knew it was something.
      So to get you going on the right track be sure you watch my you tube channel. The link is up on the top right of the site. So my best advice is to not discuss the twin flame journey with your counterpart. I’ve never said anything to mine about it. it’s for him and the universe to work out those details so it’s about releasing the control around making something happen or be. And then once you let go of your twin getting on board and doing the journey with you, you can now start to focus on yourself. You want to start to focus on really loving yourself and unconditional love. I’ll be posting more about this and my signature program will be released soon to take you through the journey over the course 6 weeks! It will be life transformational and it’s the journey I took and pieced together over 7 years of going through this! So thanks for stopping by! ask me anything! I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in any way I can. xo Jenn

  4. Hi Jenn,
    We keep scheduling appointments to speak for 30 mins and Im not sure if I am doing something wrong and they are not being scheduled?? I am going to try again and hope to hear from you. We are so excited about speaking with you and sharing about our Twin flame Journey that has been going on since August 2018. We have so many questions. 🙂 <3 Christina & Johnny

  5. These have been the most amazing 2 years of my life. I’ve known my twin for over 10 years but just recently figured out what our connection is about. It has lifted me into my spiritual awakening and opened my consciousness to a completely different view of this life. I am grateful yet struggle daily in trying to grasp hold of my alignment, but I do believe it is worth it. Love (true love) is always worth it and learning who I am and why I chose to come is a beautiful thing.

    • So wonderful! I have been on the journey 7 years now too and only just discovered our connection 7 months ago! It’s a beautiful journey! hang in there and thanks for sharing. Have you checked out my Youtube? Tons of great stuff on my channel. You can click the link at the top of my website for you tube and find it. Thanks for reaching out. blessings to you on this journey of listening to your sovereign soul! xo Jenn

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