Giving Back Make and Impact


There’s a new breed of abolitionist, ones who wish to free children all over the world of the horrors of sex trafficking. Operation Underground Railroad is a group of former special op’s men that left their government jobs because they couldn’t get the jurisdiction they needed to really make a difference. They knew they could do better on their own so they started a non-profit.

$10 dollars of every order will do directly to this organization. When you invest in your health you’ll also be doing your part to help save a child. Be an abolitionist in this effort.

“And to those captors and perpetrators even you monsters who dare offend God’s precious children we declare to you

Be Afraid. We are coming for YOU”


King’s Ransom is an organization that I have been giving to for 4 years now. 100% goes to the cause. Please check out their website of this heart centered charity. I give 10% of my income to this charity.

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