God is or God isn’t…

I know that new age spirituality taught us that it’s all love & light & that we ride a rainbow unicorn singing Kumbaya into the promised land.

What they didn’t tell us about were all the “dragons” we had to slay in order to get through & that being docile, laid back, & accepting was not the warrior energy it’s going to take in order to crush the resistance, the evil, the demonic forces trying to hold humanity back from it’s ascension into 5D.

So right now we are sifting. We are seeing what people are made of. We are seeing if they are controlled by the evil forces or not. We are seeing people break free all over the world & see the truth & the light.

And it’s looking very different than how we would have ever scripted. But hey that’s how God does things right?

God is known for raising unconventional people to do God’s work on this planet. The ones we wanna judge for not being good enough, holy enough, sacrificial enough.

There’s no such thing in God’s eyes. What God sees is…

Are you Willing?

Are you willing to take a stand for truth?

Are you willing to do the things that are hard to do?

Are you willing to hold a higher standard?

Are you willing to say & do the unpopular thing because it’s right?

Are you willing to be Bold?

That’s who God calls.

A warrior doesn’t always have the best manners, but a warrior is brave & is always willing to do the right thing.

Earth is calling forward the warrior willing to do the thing they came here to do. And to do that…

You have to become UNSHAKABLE! God is or God isn’t…to you. Which is it?

Unshakable You will call you back to your center & teach you how to thrive in 5D consciousness. More abundance, more love, more innerstanding. Which means more Peace.

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