Are you a woman who want's it all? You know you're destined for greatness. You want all the things. You have rich taste & big dreams. And you want them because you want them. And you get them because you just get to have them. You don't have to do it for anyone else but you. Working one on one with me will help you identify what is holding you back & accelerate your growth towards next level everything. Working with me will raise your vibes, align your soul with your personality so that you really are living your wildest dreams. We will alchemize the fears & triggers that come up & help you quantum leap your way to where you desire to be. For more information & to enroll...



Everything is energy & everything is working in your favor or against you. If we learn how to work with our energy we can command our life into existence the way we desire. This 4 week course holds an energetic container where you'll learn how to command your energy & direct it towards what you desire most. We'll dissolve your triggers & deepest core wounds, open you up to more abundance & love, & peel back the layers so your radiant self shines through. This 4 week container is a sacred space for divine sisterhood & support to help you rise to your next level. You'll learn practical tools to help you daily shift your energy, transmute the shadows so that you vibe higher & higher every day. You'll attract love, abundance, joy & radiance. Join us in our next round! It's a sacred beautiful journey.

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The Hearts Edge is a sacred journey to your heart.

This program will privately heal your deep core wounds to free you & open you to bigger possibilities. The one's you've been consciously calling in. Feeling not good enough, comparison, lack & scarcity are huge triggers for many people & this program will give you the tools you need to process through these emotions. When you know how to quickly work through your triggers you start to move through them faster & faster freeing yourself from the fear & anxiety that wants to take over. Learning tools to help you process your emotions is key to your freedom.

I designed this course for twin flames or empaths healing from narcissistic abuse.

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Your Shadows weigh you, Hold the Light from you, Blind you from seeing.
They are the parts that long to be integrated, accepted, loved & then transformed.
Shadow Series is a 3 part video series that has been pre recorded to teach
you how to identify shadows & alchemize them to Light
Over & Over again
Until your shadows are gone.
And what's left is your truth
The truth about your brilliance, love & magnetism that wants to shine!
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Living by intention & directing your thoughts is the fastest way to your manifestations! When you live by your intentions you create magic in your life. Intentions give you a foundation from which to build your life upon. When you have them shiny & clear & you know how to make them shiny & clear you become magical. Do you want to be magic on legs? Are you ready for incredible events to appear in your life? You'll watch your magic unfold effortlessly when you begin to live by intention. This 2 hour workshop is laser focused coaching on how to set your shiny clear intention & begin to live by them & vibe to them. Getting intentional is the key to bringing your desires to life!

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In each masterclass I expand your awareness in energy & alchemy. Everything is energy & when you learn to play with energy you learn to command your life. As you consciously create your life knowing & understanding alchemy is essential.

In each masterclass I offer a powerful healing & download to transform your chemistry on the inside. Activating your DNA that is dormant & ready to be activated as well as repairing chakras, opening your heart & clearing karma & agreements you've made for this lifetime.

You'll grow, expand & heal from these sessions. They are powerful!

$25 for both Masterclasses


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