Welcome to The Heart's Edge!
A sacred journey to opening your heart 
& healing your twin flame journey.
  • Are you exhausted and in pain from the Twin Flame Journey?
  • Do you believe the obstacles in your way are too big to over come?
  • Have you been blocked by your twin flame in some way?
  •  Are you tired of trying to make sense of the Twin Flame journey?
  •  Do you feel like your twin is not waking up and never will? 
  •  Are you having trouble not being triggered by your deepest core wounds anymore?
Well Love you've come to the right place.

As a Twin Flame you know how hard and heart breaking this journey can be. 
It has been so painful for me over the years and it has been really hard to make sense of. 

I started to share my story and so many of you are resonating with it. 
I've never dated my twin which was the biggest factor that threw 
me off about whether or not this was a twin flame or not. 
Then I had been working on myself for so long so why was 
I still being so triggered at my deepest core wounds? 

None of it made sense to me. 
The internet gave me no hope and I desperately wanted to be with my twin flame. 
I just didn't understand the journey or how this could all work. 
I felt hopeless, lost, frustrated, angry and fearful it would never happen. 
I've encountered a lot on this journey and 
I've gotten to a really great place in my life with it. 

I feel whole, complete and sovereign. 
I feel balanced and completely 
happy on my own.  

It's time for you to have that too! 

The Hearts Edge is my digital course to guide you directly through what you
need to open up your heart to harmonious union within yourself. 

I'm here to show you...Follow me...

If you're still feeling the pain and wondering 
how in the world to get out of it I'm glad you're here! 
I'm excited to help you! 
So...I keep things super simple...
What are you gonna learn, 
what are you gonna get from this program?
Most Twin Flames experience not being enough, 
feeling unworthy, lack of abundance, & fear of abandonment. 
This seems to be at the core of every single issue I see. 
These were my core triggers too. So if we go and heal those 
then it will ripple forward into all of life. 
This is a digital program that is self paced &
designed to help you heal those areas. 
  • 6 Videos taking you through the process of healing these deep core wounds. This is self paced. You can take this in all in one day or pace it out.
  • An eBook that you can work through to help you identify your story so that you can break through and heal
  •  Special inner child healing
  •  Meditation
  •  Affirmations
  •  How to use Sex Magic & tap into your divine feminine to create what ever you want in life! 
It's time...
This course is different than anything I've ever done before. 

It's a sacred journey into your heart. We unlock the blocks holding you
vibrationally apart from feeling whole & complete inside yourself. 

It's a beautiful combination of practical strategies and spiritual principles.

You will ascend higher in vibration as a result of this course.

I know for me I had done so much work and thought I was ready
but when my twin and I came together I realized there were many 
things to continue working on.
When I understood this journey better I realized how to pinpoint what to work
on to free myself and open to love. I'm sharing 
this with you in this program. 

It's time you understood the way and work though the blocks. 

There are 4 parts to the twin flame journey.
Soul Recognition
Soul Activation
Soul Expansion 
Soul Emergence

The Hearts Edge is about Soul Expansion leading to Emergence. 

It's time to heal to wholeness.

It's time to release the pain.

It's time to align to love.

Soul Expansion takes you deeper into yourself. 

Into your emotional body allowing you to fully and freely express all of who you are

You know you are made for greatness! 

I have a belief that the epic love we get to experience
means that we are epic beings here to make a difference. 

We have to clear our stuff out of the way in order to make the difference we 
are here to make. Trust the process because it's beautiful.

Love is beautiful and you were meant to experience it completely.

You are meant for epic love. 

Who is this course for? Who will benefit most?

This is for you if you are on the twin flame journey & looking for healing.
This is a foundational course. This is a course if you have not done a lot of healing work & are looking for help on getting going on inner work. This is for you if you are searching for answers on how to heal your twin flame journey.

This course will not put you into union with your twin flame. This is the not the intention of my work. The intention of my work is to help you see why you are in a relationship dynamic that is not working & causing you deep pain. Your union is within & I will always guide you back to yourself.

I recorded this course in 2019 when I was going through the deepest pain of my journey & exiting from this pain. I was in the midst of realizing that all the twin flame teachers were keeping me & people like me stuck in a fantasy that I would one day be with the person I had identified as my twin flame. This was causing deep emotional trauma & distress & I was healing from the lies of the twin flame community.

I share from this vulnerability.

I have thought about re-recording this course but I could never do it now. It's so raw & in real time. You see & feel my emotion of when I was there. And that rawness & realness will help you if you are in a similar place as me during this time.

So let me reiterate this is a foundation healing course for twin flames.
If that is you, you'll benefit greatly from this course.
What's the Course about?
Module 1 : Welcome to the Party! 

Module 2: Inner Healing ~ What blocks do you have to opening up to love and 
your truth. We will begin to uncover those and heal them.

Module 3: Healing and Parenting the Inner Child ~ Deep healing work to help you 
integratethe inner child. This is important work in 
reclaiming your worth, enoughness, 
& letting go of abandonment.

Module 4: Healing Lack ~ Lack Consciousness has to go because it's fear based.
You can do, be, and have whatever you want, so what's stopping you?
 Living in your desires  is a natural and normal 
state so we uncover what could be blocking you from that.

Module 5: Healing the Pain Body ~ Emotions get trapped in our bodies and system 
and we have to release them in order to experience and express who we really are. 
We work through the emotional body to release trapped pain allowing us 
to open to greater love.

Module 6: A Deeper Dive into the emotional system ~ This will help you understand 
your triggers and help to alchemize the fear 
when they come up. This is a must for all relationships.
Learning this helps you sustain a healthy vibrant relationship.

Module 7: Manifestation, Co Creation, Sex Magic ~ You have tremendous power sexually
Learn all about co creation using your sexual energy to 
create & manifest powerfully into your life
Hi...I'm Jenn Edwards
At first I hated the journey and cursed it for it's pain and suffering. Once I came home, I realized it was the biggest gift I've ever been given and I'm beyond grateful for it. 

It's a journey home to your soul. When you are in resonance with your soul you begin to live life from a place of joy, ease, flow, passion, pleasure and play. Life becomes juicy and you become attractive. 

You finally find YOU. And it makes all the pain worth it. I promise. 

I've worked with countless healers and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself to be able to come and give back to you all that I've learned. 

Because I've chartered the waters I'm here to guide you. You already have the answers, I'm going to help you uncover them with in you. 

Looking forward to you joining me on this magical ride home. xo Jenn

You can find me on Instagram @soulfittwinflame or Facebook as Jennifer Edwards (Lindeman)
I'm Super Busy ~ It's ok this is self paced. You don't have to be any where at anytime. 
It's up to you to set your own schedule

I'm new to the twin flame journey ~ It's ok. This will be a great time to get in so you don't make 
the same mistakes many of us have that have been on the journey a long time.

I've been on the journey a long time ~ It's great to get in now and begin to turn your journey around. There's nothing better than to start feeling better 
after years of pain on this journey. Your world is getting ready to change.

I don't want anyone to know ~ I get this a lot. I don't reveal the participants unless they give me permission. Many people I work with are married and 
want to stay private. Your privacy is respected. 

I live in a different country ~ This is perfect for you. You don't have to worry about time zones or being anywhere at any certain time. 
You can watch the videos as much as you like and when ever you like. 

Can you guarantee Union?  I never guarantee union. That is up to you. You may find you do not desire physical union once you are in union with yourself
All the juicy details...
The course will be delivered via an email to a web page link. 
There are 7 Video Modules at that link.
There's nearly 5 hours of trainings total
There is the meditation recording
There is the affirmation PDF
The eBook 
Tapping Script
Worksheet (You'll use this in video 6)
I'm excited to help you out!
Your investment is $197