How much should I exercise when starting a Keto Diet

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I get so many questions about this and one of the biggest mistakes I see so many people making when going Keto is working out too much and too hard. When you do that you really damage your metabolism and that can cause weight loss plateau later on your Keto journey. I’ve seen it too many times to count!

So how do we avoid the weight loss plateau, damaging our metabolism and get the best results possible?

When you’re going from burning glucose for energy to burning Fat for energy using the Ketogenic diet there are a couple of things to keep in mind to make for a smooth transition without damaging your body and over taxing your liver.

During your initial phase of fat adaption, I’d say the first 4 weeks you want to keep hard core long workouts to a minimum. Your body needs some time to adjust to this new way of being and thriving.

If you’re working out too hard, too long, or every single day during the initial phase you may experience more brain fog and muscle fatigue. You’re gonna tax your liver too much.

Give your body the care it needs so that you can get amazing results long term. Remember it’s the long term gains we’re looking for. It’s not about losing weight for a minute, it’s about changing the way we see food, relate to it and consume it so that we have lasting healthy results.

Our true wealth is in our vitality! So take it easy at first. Slow your pace.

What are some acceptable exercises to do?

  1. Yoga- I love BohoBeautiful workouts. You can find her on Youtube
  2. Taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes. It’s also great to get out in nature and breath in the fresh air
  3. moderate weight lifting exercises. Tune into Pop Sugar on you tube for options there.

Then after the first month you can return to a little more strenuous exercise if that’s what you are used to.

Above all listen to your body. If it’s too much then it is. We’ve got to tune in to what it’s telling us. For far too long we’ve heard to hustle harder and push through. That may be true for a professional athlete but chances are you’re not makin money from your workouts. So listen, your body will tell you what you need. And Always keep going! Exercise is so important. It gives you life, energy and helps you feel great!

Thanks for reading and letting me help you on your Keto Journey!

xo Jenn

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