In order to attract…

In order to attract you have to feel the feelings as if.

But how? How do I do that. I don’t even have a reference point for those feelings.

Lets say you grew up with a lot of wounds around money. Maybe there was fighting in your home. Maybe there was a lot of lack displayed.

How are you suppose to feel the feelings as if, if you have no idea how those feelings feel?

It comes back to your growing relationship. Relationship is everything & you must be cultivating it at all times.

You have a relationship with all aspects of your life. You are not only looking for relationship with a potential partner you are also in relationship with yourself, money, your health, your work/career, business, as well as other people.

The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your relationships. If you struggle in relationship then you have to learn.

And every improvement starts with you.

The biggest thing left out of LOA teachings is the path from I want to I have.

They tell you to feel the feelings as if.

Well when you do the inner work the feelings are automatic. So you’ve got to do the inner work first.

You don’t have to strive or work hard to feel abundant when that is who you are.

You have to go heal the lack & when you do you automatically feel abundant.

So inside Sovereign Warrior Rising we are going to heal the relationship with yourself. It all starts there. You want to open up the heavens with more money. You start with yourself. You want to open up to a juicy relationship you start with you.

It all starts with you. That’s why it’s called SOVEREIGN Warrior. Right. So I know you’re feeling the call to that deeper dive inside of you. I invite you in. Go here now to register!

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