Sex and the surprising weight loss connection.

Sex and the surprising weight loss connection.

So I was working on my fitness business today putting together the pieces of my program, and then thinking about the marketing aspect.

What do I need to write to market this stuff? What Funnels do I need to create in order to lead people down the path?

 I’ve been focused a lot on really stepping into my feminine energy, just owning that and living from that heart space so much more than ever before.

It’s sort of a crazy transition to make because we don’t realize exactly what is wrong with the way we have been living we just know life isn’t working out like we’d like. Usually, if life isn’t working out, it boils down to stepping into our authenticity as men and women.

So stepping into this feminine energy…what is it? And what does it look like? Here’s an exert from my ebook…

“People favorably respond to authentic confidence, so when you put yourself together and own it, people will take notice!

Stepping into the divine radiance that is already there is your birthright as women. You were given soft skin and silky hair for a reason. It all serves a purpose and when you OWN it and rock it nothing can stop you.

Learn to receive pleasure and have more sex. When we are overworked, exhausted, stressed, and we feel overweight the last thing many of us want to do is have sex, but sex will connect you the fastest to your radiant feminine energy. So learn to tease and be provocative with your lover. Embody your sexuality every day and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong.  

We, unfortunately, live in a world where often times we are judged, ridiculed and mocked for being women and owning our sexual feminine essence. When we own it as complete whole women then we begin to tap into that heart expression of who we really are and that energy elevates us and everything around us.  

So it’s time as women we let go of the old picture of who we are and form a new paradigm of self-love, self-expression, and self-acceptance. Embrace who you are and who you have become. Make sense of the pain you have experienced. What has it taught you, how has it been a blessing in your life and then begin to let go of the pain.

As women we are not meant to live in blame, shame and exhaustion, we are meant to live in healthy boundaries, joy, and happiness.”

So sex and weight loss…

We’ve all heard that sex burns calories because it’s an “activity” That’s not what I’m referring to when it comes to weight loss and sex. What I’m saying is that most of us are so disconnected from our body that we don’t feel any more. We’re disconnected from loving our body, from our creative center, we are disconnected from our heart.

Sex has been so perverted in our society. There is the over stimulation of it from one aspect of our society to a complete denial of it from another. There are so many things that can cause a person to shut off from their bodies because of the pain & trauma experienced at one point or another because of the perversion of it.

Healing old wounds and stepping into the full acceptance of yourself as a sexual being is the way to vibrant, healthy bodies.

A couple of years ago I was in Maui (gosh I need a return trip!) attending a Relationship event hosted by Tony and Sage Robbins. That was my first real introduction of the masculine-feminine energies and how they play a part in our lives.

April Kaminski Instructor Extraordinaire

At that event, the women learned to pole dance. At first, there were so many women in resistance to it for many reasons. First, there is a judgment on pole dancing in our society and then many women did not feel one bit confident in their own body to feel sexy enough to dance. The first day or 2 there were so many emotions going through each woman, from the shame, guilt and negative programming to family and religious upbringing and just their general body image. Not to mention so many women no matter what shape they are in are so disconnected from their body that movement doesn’t flow so they were awkward and not confident.

By the end of the event day 6 & 7, we had created the most beautiful sisterhood of women who finally accepted their body no matter their size. How did they do it? They connected to it, they embraced it, they loved it, and they finally accepted it. Every single woman left that event owning themselves for everything they were as is. It was such a beautiful thing, why because they connected to their bodies, their soul and they found love for that. Their authentic self.

I’m also not advocating going out and having multiple sexual partners, or having sex with random people, If that’s your thing, okay, but in my opinion you’re opening yourself up to a lot of negative energy and etheric chord attachments that will not serve you and you’ll only need to heal from later.

I know in the spiritual movement today there are many people advocating for open relationships and multiple sexual partners. I think they are just bullshitting themselves, but what do I know? I ‘m not willing to even experiment in that arena so I’ll just leave that to them to figure out and just live my life my way.

But we do have to come to a place of acceptance, connection, and healing of our sexual energy so that it’s embraced and nurtured.

By embracing and nurturing it we become more healthy, vibrant, it makes us look healthier and younger, we are more confident, creative and successful. It also heals relationships, which is so needed today.

So yes when it comes to weight loss sex plays a huge part, so lets as ladies get back to that connection to ourselves and heal that energy so that we can be healthier radiant women!



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