Signs of a Twin Flame…Have I found mine?

Signs of a Twin Flame…Have I found mine?

Have you had one of those “relationships” where the connection is indescribable. It’s literally a connection like you’ve never experienced before with anyone else. It’s magical.

But for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be working.

You may date for a while and then suddenly it falls apart. Or you may never even get that far, but you just know something is different with this one.

One starts running the other starts chasing. None of these emotions make sense. You can’t get this person off your mind, the signs, synchronicities & magic never end, you’re seeing 11:11 everywhere. Other number sequences too like 222, 333 & 444 are common. The sexual chemistry is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced with anyone else. There’s this strange connection and knowing. It’s like you’ve always known them, and it’s like you sense them always there. They feel like home.

As time goes on with this connection, you’re still in and out of each others lives. Neither of you are doing anything to bring it back around yet suddenly you find yourselves together again. Total synchronicities.

It’s confusing, frustrating, you get angry because it’s not making sense, you feel hurt, betrayed and your DEEPEST core wounds, the ones you don’t want any one to know about are triggered by this person. It seems like they are your perfect mirror.

These things are not 100%, but chances are you are in a twin flame dynamic.

You can thank me later for this post if this is you and you’re just now reading this and realizing it. Yes, It’s one of the most difficult journeys when you don’t know what it is.

You feel like you’re going in circles banging your head against a wall. It doesn’t make a bit of sense and nothing you do brings that person closer to you even though it’s what both of you desire and you know this intuitively.

It’s frustrating I hear you. But there’s hope. If you’re just now discovering that you are in a twin flame dynamic check out my youtube channel for so much advice.

If you are desperate to get out of your pain and suffering check out my program Sovereign Soul.

I have been on the journey a long time now and didn’t know it for most of the journey. It was so hard. So painful. I would have done anything to get out of it.

You’ll see many things out there pointing towards signs of a true twin flame. You kind of have to take them with a grain of salt.

You may read a list and some things apply and others don’t. I’ve found that the only way to really know is to go inside of yourself. Your inner being knows. Listen to that.

You’ll have a lot of doubt too. Until you surrender to the fact that you really are in a twin flame connection you’ll deny it, push it away, and doubt. In the beginning of discovering it you’ll be researching like crazy just to confirm your suspicions. I think the reason why this is so is because the twin flame journey is all about finding the real you. So it’s already encouraging you from the beginning to go within. Seek the answers in your soul. It knows.

When it comes to the twin flame the only way to be together is if you go through your soul. Only one twin has to do this work.

When I first began to learn about this concept I was really discouraged because I thought we both had to and most Divine Masculine Twins are not interested in this work at this point.

But never fear, if you do your own soul work you can come home to yourself and thus magnetize your twin flame in if that is what you choose.

My program Sovereign Soul helps you do just that. It will bring you home to your soul. It’s the most beautiful journey you will ever make. It becomes bigger than the twin flame.

In Sovereign Soul guide you back to you. You’re really doing everything, you’re remembering. It’s a homecoming and when you get there you’ll have the greatest celebration! Life becomes magical when you come home.

If you want to know more about Sovereign Soul because it’s tugging at your heart and because you really just want to experience the bliss this connection can be instead of the pain you’ve had so far then click the link to find out the details of this program. You can even schedule a call with me to discuss it, if that will help you. I’m eager to get as many people in this class as possible because I know it’s going to transform your life. It did for me.

I suffered for 7 years! 7 Years guys, till I finally got on the clear path of the twin flame journey. I can help you and that’s why I’m here. Truly on a mission to help Twin Flames because of how hard my journey has been.

Thanks so much for your support of my work.

I’m here for you.

Xo Jenn

If you're ready to change your life and this dynamic into something magical here are the options to work with me. As you can see I keep this very simple. It's easy to get there you just have to know the path.

Sovereign Soul Program 

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  1. Hello Jenn. My name is Michele (Shelly) and I first met my twin flame in 1969. He lived on the street behind me and when our eyes met it felt like magic. We reconnected again in 2015. I had a Spiritual Awakening and suffered through the dark night of the soul not realizing what it was at the time. He and I connected physically in May of 2016 only for a few months then he just disappeared from my life after professing our love for each other. I’ve been reading as much as I can about tf and am trying to do the inner work. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    • Hey Shelly
      thanks for reaching out! Yes sounds like you’ve been on the journey a long time. What have you been doing to heal? Have you identified your core triggers and wounds to come up for healing? Sometimes we don’t even know what needs healed.
      have you downloaded my free guide on my website? That will help. Theres a meditation with that. Also I do have a 6 week program helping people through the process. We start March 4th. Already in the current class we are having massive breakthroughs by everyone in it. It’s so healing.
      What’s your ultimate goal? Do you want union? I’m happy to help. the main thing is getting to the core. xo Jenn

    • Also Shelly I have lots of videos on youtube. You can reach my channel from my website here by going to the top right of the site and clicking the icon or search me on youtube. My channel is named Jennedwards Lots of help there too!

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