Soul Fit Twin Flame Manifesto

A Soul Fit Twin Flame is a new breed of Twin Flame.

Abundant, Worthy, Joyful, and Free

We rise above our stories & drama

We don’t buy what outside sources say

because we listen to our own soul

We are willing to see things differently

We are twin flames because we are here to make a global impact and serve a greater good. ONE LOVE

We invest in ourselves because we know we’re worth it

We know we are magical & create miracles every single day

We keep our vibes high and know all is working out for us

We do the impossible because the Universe has our back.


  1. Hi! I recently discovered you but I know it wasn’t pure coincidence. I’m an Empath ,among many other things&wondered if you might offer a good book or some advice.,you see I’m 50 years old &until Jume of 2016 when I met my flame online I’d never believed in love at all &had never had my heart broken. It’s so complicated I’m likely only making a fool of myself….but here goes..I let Jill go today &this pain is an a new pain . I know it was the right thing, I also am comforted somewhat in knowing it will never be goodbye with us. I had found a person like yourself in the U.k. had yet to confer with her oh btw Jill lives in Salt Lake City as well. Thanks for listening. ?♊♾♊?????

    • Oh wow small world she lives in my city! I’m glad you reached out. Letting her go for now was probably right, and now you get to heal yourself and takes the steps back to harmonious union. You can do this! Like you said it’s never goodbye, but right now it’s time to work on you. It’s the soul work to be done. It’s so beautiful. Have you downloaded my free Guide to happiness? That will help you, listen to the energy clearing daily and clear the energy.
      Then have you checked out my program Sovereign Soul? it’s the way home to yourself and once you’re there you can have harmonious union. Thank you for reaching out. xo

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