A Life Transformation course designed to help you get out of twin flame pain, find union within, navigate your emotions, claim your power and design your dream life.
  • Are you over the ups and downs, back & forth, push/pull, running & chasing?
  • Are you ready to heal from attracting narcissistic partners?
  • Are you ready to change your situation and you’ll do anything to change it?
  • ​Are you ready to Vibe High and become a magnet for miracles?
  • Do you say I’m done with this more times than you can count?
  • ​Do you want to clear karma and agreements of the past to be set free?
  • Are you over this twin flame journey and it’s pain and struggle?
  • ​Discover and heal mindset/mental blocks you are having trouble pinpointing and moving through.
  • Are you over the lack consciousness & ready to live as your full abundant true self?
  • ​Are you done thinking you’re in a good place only to have something happen that loops you right back in and you realize you’re not done and it’s even worse this time?
  • Are you tired of trying to piece the puzzle together and it still doesn’t make sense?
  • ​Want union with your twin flame or you don't want union with your twin flame?
  • ​Have you been through a recent breakup?
  • ​You're ready for real love.
  • ​You know you’re meant for more than this pain and struggle. You're ready to give it up, and trade it in for bliss, pleasure, play & fun!
Then you're in the right place...
I remember what it felt like to be stuck in a 
negative cycle with my twin flame.
I met my twin flame in 2012, and recognized him as a soul connection in 2013. 
From then on I couldn't get him out of my mind. 
In 2014 I went through a divorce and that is when my TF & I began to communicate. 
For years we went back and forth. He was in and out with long periods of separation 
and no communication because it was so triggering for me to have him around.
In 2018 after a year 1/2 of separation we serendipitously ran into each other and things picked up where they left off.
I was devastated when he ran after that meeting and wanted to understand why this kept happening. 
That's when I was introduced to the concept of Twin Flames. 
With all the information out there I felt like I was being tossed around in a wash machine.
It broke my heart and I was devastated.
About the time of me accepting we were twin flames my twin entered into a soulmate relationship causing more devastation and misunderstanding.
I was determined to get out of the deep pain I was feeling because...

Love gets to be easy, Love gets to be fun & 
we are ALL meant for epic love!
Sovereign Soul is designed to...
  • Gently heal deep emotional wounds and help you learn to parent your inner child
  • Claim back your worth & power
  • Heal wounded feminine and open up your sexual power, using that energy to create and manifest in your life
  • ​Leave the fear of losing the TF behind & step into being able to set healthy boundaries where you are honored, loved and respected 
  • ​Tools to help you bounce back from any set back
  • ​Cultivate deep sense of emotional intelligence
  • ​Hear your soul guiding you so that you stop questioning yourself
  • ​Finally KNOW you can handle anything life gives you because you've cultivated the strength & you have the tools to move through it
The tools alone to work through low emotions to cultivate emotional intelligence will give you peace of mind, balance & power.
Jen is absolutely amazing! Her energy, her vibe, she truly is a beautiful soul that’s brave and courageous to break through all the bullshit surrounding twin flames and your spiritual journey. And she does all of it right there with you, she’s working through the journey right there along with you. She holds amazing space for you and where you’re at and it was so cosmically aligned how in sync Jen and I were going through the divine guidance we would both be receiving. She has helped me in opening and expanding my perceptions, awareness and break through the veil of a spell and into freedom and truth. She has the best resources that I have also received a tremendous benefit from. I am continuously grateful for all that she has bought into my life to keep me going up and up and I treasure her as soul family! I am still benefiting from her course even afterwards.
I recently completed Jennifer Edwards’s Sovereign Soul Class and I loved it so much! Jen is one of the most supportive, encouraging and healing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From our first phone conversation, there was an instant connection. She has an incredible way of making you feel safe, which helps immensely when it comes to being vulnerable and sharing some hard stuff.

The class exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Jen is so knowledgeable and provides an abundance of healing techniques and support throughout the entire course! She is always sharing live videos in addition to other tools and techniques that have helped her own healing journey. We also were able to meet once a week for 1-2 hours at a time. I also loved that the class was interactive and we all had the option to share our own struggles.

This course helped me
Through an extremely difficult break up. I am so so so happy this course found me. And I will forever be indebted to Jen’s guidance and support during such trying times. I think everyone should be a part of this amazing class !!!
Working with Jenn Edwards through her Sovereign Soul program is transformational! I was ready to go to my next level and Jenn took me there. By the end of the program I owned the love I desired within and stood tall in my feminine power as my divine Sovereign Soul. Added bonus...week 4 of the program I met an incredible man. Little did I know at the time but he has since shown love that I’ve never experienced before but had journaled about as my desire in the program.
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On Sovereign Soul
The Content...What's in it?
Week 1
Sovereign Soul & Self Love : You're Mother Effing Good Enough!
Goddess mode will be activated in this week. This sets the tone for the entire 6 weeks. 
What does that even mean? The first week is about opening your soul so you can hear it. 
We have to do this foundational work first so that the rest of the program just flows. 
I'll work with you on a group call to heal and open you up and then 
I'll teach you several techniques you can use at home to help you stay on track. 
I still use them frequently and they work and they are amazing! Ah there's so much 
juiciness in this week! You'll also have journal prompts this week, 
and a guidebook to keep you flowing all week long. 
Week 2
Dance with your feminine
 We dive into your divine feminine energy and understand how to flow with it. 
Create and Manifest with sex magic, clear old trauma from your womb space and learn to bring 
light and wholeness to your feminine body. Learn to love and cherish her. 
We also go in to intention setting, going beyond lack consciousness and cultivating 
purpose in your life. Learn the power of letting go and letting God.
Week 3
Prosperity Code
Why would I include this in a twin flame program? What I found on my own journey was that my 
lack consciousness was a huge contributor to my pain with my twin. It was probably one of the 
most important things within me that I worked through. I saw lack permeate throughout my entire 
life, not just money. When that consciousness is present in you it forms as a block to 
Love, Money, Great opportunities, miracles and magic. It has to go! 
Week 4
Cultivating a deeper sense of self & setting clear boundaries :  
If you have been in and out with your twin flame for a while now and they 
keep running then that is a form of abuse. It's traumatic when they come in and 
we think things are going to happen with them and then they pull the rug out 
from under us by running off to another person. It's not fair emotionally and we have 
to heal from that. This week will be about setting those clear boundaries, . 
Week 5
Understanding Creation Energy, Law of Attraction/Manifestation 
When you understand creation energy, you begin to clear things out of the way
blocking you from clear sight. Knowing the intricacies of creation energy opens you up to 
greater possibilities, helps you settle your spirit because you just know. It's a way to have
a feeling of control.  
Week 6
Take your power back : 
We have given away our power to the twin flame and 
the drama that takes place on this journey. If you look at other areas in your life 
chances are you have given power away there too. This week will be all about 
learning to lead yourself. Setting healthy boundaries, incorporating self care into your 
life and making sure you're not waiting on anything or anyone to make you happy. 
Love gets to be easy and love gets to be fun. This will become your new mantra after 
this week and you'll accept nothing less than what you deserve.
"Your inner being is unfolding itself in experiences. Change your inner awareness & your experiences must change. There is no alternative because the mirror of relationship purely reflects what's there" Deepak Chopra
What you get...
  • 4 Live Group Coaching Calls (At least One Hour each call, interactive) 
  • ​4 Bonus Pre Recorded Calls Dropped through out the program
  • Initial group call to activate DNA, open channels to receive program downloads
  • Channeled Guided meditations, recorded (3 through out the program, clears energy & activates you)
  • ​Guide book for each week to help you break down & move through each week
  • ​Private FB group 
  • Journal Prompts to help you get clear & create the life you want (One of the biggest transformers for me) 
  • ​Community support of like minded positive women on the path
How it works...
  • The Live Group Session Times and Day will be decided upon once everyone is enrolled. I want to make sure every one is accommodated with best time. 
  • All Channeled meditations will be dropped in the FB group
  • All recordings will be dropped in the Facebook Group so that you can access them even after the group is complete
  • ​Your Guidebook will drop at the beginning of each week.
  • ​There will be 6 salons and each salon will help you with another layer of the process
  • ​Journal Prompts will be dropped at the beginning of each week
  • ​No negativity will be tolerated. There is already enough pain on this journey. We are turning this around into something beautiful
  • ​Private Facebook Group will be set up closer to the start date of the program

At first I hated the journey and cursed it for it's pain and suffering. Once I came home, I realized it was the biggest gift I've ever been given and I'm beyond grateful for it. It's a journey home to your soul. 

When you are in resonance with your soul you begin to live life from a place of joy, ease, flow, passion, pleasure and play. Life becomes juicy and you become attractive. You finally find YOU. And it makes all the pain worth it. I promise. 

I've worked with countless healers and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in myself to be able to come and give back to you all that I've learned. Because I've chartered the waters I'm here to guide you. You already have the answers, 

I'm going to help you uncover them with in you. Looking forward to you joining me on this magical ride home. So much love to you! 
xo Jenn 

You can find me on Instagram @soulfittwinflame or Facebook as Jennifer Edwards (Lindeman)
What I'll ask of you...
  • Come unapologetically you
  • Come to play full out & be brave
  • ​Come ready to be supported by an amazing loving group who will be there to lift you up and help you on this journey
  • ​Be open to expand your current capacity to give and receive
  • ​Get really clear on what you want so you can call it in
  • ​Align with your truest desires
  • ​Have fun and welcome in ease and flow
  • What if I haven't met my twin flame is this still for me? Take this course so that you are prepared for your twin. Save yourself lots of heartache and prepare if you know you are calling in your twin.
  • What if I or my twin flame is married and I don't see any chance of union should I still do this course? Yes because ultimately this connection is about growing yourself. You never know what can happen when you come into alignment with yourself and grow. Miracles and magic are the realm I play in and teach others to as well. Not doing this course doesn't leave much room for miracles and magic.
  • What if my twin flame and I are in separation? You definitely need this course!
  • ​What if my twin flame and I are together but we fight a lot? You or both need this course! 
  • ​What if I'm not a twin flame but I stumbled across this page & it speaks to me and I want to join, will it benefit me? If your heart says join, then join. I believe in attraction, your soul was asking for this and you didn't find this by accident. I've had several women join who are not on the twin flame journey and they ended up meeting a soulmate!
  • ​Why would I buy this I can do it on my own? If you could do it on your own you would be there already. Einsteins quote, "we can not solve our problems w/ the same level of thinking that created them" In order to get to the next level you need a coach. If you are not willing to invest in yourself then the Universe is not willing to meet you. There isn't a single person on the planet that has seen success without an investment in self.
  • ​Can you guarantee union? No one can guarantee union. Union is up to you and your twin flame. What did you contract and are you willing to both show up for each other? You will decide union with your Twin Flame or a Soul Mate
  • ​What if I don't like it, do you give refunds? No due to the nature of the course I cannot give refunds. I'll show up at my highest and best and I expect that of you. We'll create transformation that way, but if you're already thinking refund don't sign up because you're not ready for transformation or union with anyone. Transformation is a commitment
  • ​This is a Female only container. Women share and heal more openly in an all female group. If you are a man and desire help on this journey please reach out to me for options I have available for men.
One More Thing...
Why is learning emotional intelligence so important?
Have you wondered why life seems to not work out for you? 
Why things quickly fall apart, or you almost attract the thing then it dissolves at the last minute? 
Have you had moments of depression, doubt, fear, anxiety and you didn't 
know how to cope or pull yourself out of it?

Understanding your emotions and having the tools to shift them when they surface 
and are causing pain and sorrow is key to being able to claim back your power, balance 
your energy and live a fulfilled life. I didn't have emotional intelligence for most of my 
journey and it was the greatest source of pain for me because I didn't know how to deal. 

Learning the tools to deal, heal, and move things out has been a game changer for 
me and this is what I share in this program. I guide you on healing gently, giving you 
the tools and resources I've used that have made the biggest impact and advanced 
me forward the fastest. Learning these tools will collapse time frames in your ascension.
I'll be teaching you the ones that worked and worked fast instead of you wasting your time
searching for answers.

And group programs are so effective because you are with like minded people all working 
towards a same goal. The collective energy becomes a powerful generator for you to 
expand and exceed your expectations! You become a super attractor inside of a group 
program because of the collective energy present there. 

There are so many success stories of people participating in group programs getting 
insane results just by the collective energy generated in the group. We are all here for better. 
To uplift each other with a common goal. If you want to create transformation and 
your scared doing it in a group like this will help you so much. 

You'll know you're not alone. You'll know you've got massive support behind you. It's electric 
and magnetizing to be a part of a group on the same mission. I look forward to you joining us! 

I'm really freaking honored and excited to serve each one of you that joins! 
You have no idea how much it lights me up to help you out. 
My journey has been so hard and to know that I get to give you so much to help yours 
not be hard is truly a blessing to me! 

xo Jenn
We Start Oct 8 2019!
Your investment in YOU is $1111
Click the link for payment plan options!
Not enrolling delays your own happiness. 
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. 
Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, 
the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment 
one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. ~Goethe
If you have questions...contact me jenniferedwards23@me.com
Payment plans available, please email me for details.
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