Signs of a Twin Flame…Have I found mine?

Signs of a Twin Flame…Have I found mine? Have you had one of those “relationships” where the connection is indescribable. It’s literally a connection like you’ve never experienced before with anyone else. It’s magical. But for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be working. You may date for a while and then suddenly it…

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Words Have Power!

I am calling back my ability to manifest what I want in the world! And so it is. Type YES! If you agree! Why do we disconnect from our own ability to manifest? We can seemingly manifest certain things so easily yet other things we have this resistance to. This Affirmation is about speaking over…

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What is a Twin Flame?

What is a Twin Flame? There are many different theories out there. Some say it’s a soul split in half, or another way of saying it is they are the other half of your soul. I believe a twin flame is someone you share soul resonance with. You have the same soul yet you are…

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