Take the Leap!

When it feels scary to jump…that’s when you jump. Your next level is never ever going to feel comfortable! So do you want your next level? Or are you ok with staying small. Accepting what you’ve got right now? Is your bank account really ok with you right now? Is your debt really ok with…

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What it takes for Spiritual Ascension

This is truly one of the best Live’s I’ve ever done! The stream of consciousness that came through was really beautiful. Things are Leveling Up & shifting internally for me & it’s apparent. It’s amazing to watch as things fall into place. I share some really valuable gems in this one for your ascension. I…

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4 Stages of Twin Flames

If you’re on the Twin Flame journey then you know it can be painful. Are you experiencing that pain right now? Maybe you’re in separation. Maybe you’re in and out of each other’s lives. Maybe you’ve never even met. It’s confusing, hard and sometimes we just want released from it. But the journey really isn’t…

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Be willing to risk the open

Why am I single and why are so many of my friends who are beautiful & accomplished women 40 + still single? What’s that about? The first things that come to mind for most women, and these were some of my beliefs; there are no good men available, they always choose the younger prettier ones,…

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