What it takes for Spiritual Ascension

This is truly one of the best Live’s I’ve ever done! The stream of consciousness that came through was really beautiful. Things are Leveling Up & shifting internally for me & it’s apparent. It’s amazing to watch as things fall into place. I share some really valuable gems in this one for your ascension. I…

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Your Next Level

Leveling Up It’s truly more chaotic going into a breakthrough. Your entire energy field, nervous system & ego is fighting to keep you the same & safe. They don’t know that the New Next Level is going to be better! So when you’re faced with that breakthrough it’s your job to have Faith Courage Tenacity…

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Our Twin Flames True Mirror & What it Means

When we judge our twin flame we judge an aspect of ourselves. When we reject our twin flame we reject an aspect of ourselves.  This post is going to go deep. Wow so many realizations coming through. This can be somewhat confusing to wrap your head around because you still must stand in your own…

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Soul Fit Twin Flame Manifesto

A Soul Fit Twin Flame is a new breed of Twin Flame. Abundant, Worthy, Joyful, and Free We rise above our stories & drama We don’t buy what outside sources say because we listen to our own soul We are willing to see things differently We are twin flames because we are here to make…

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