Don’t compare yourself to strangers on the internet, instead let them inspire you to what is truly possible I’m on this very intentional deliberate manifestation focus right now. I’m done letting things happen in my life and seeing them almost come to fruition. I’ve gotten very intentional and very deliberate about what I am drawing in….

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How is “this” suppose to help me get what I want in life?

So thinking about life and clarity today. I had a session with my coach Kristin and some things came up around clarity and fear. What I realized when talking through some things with her is that when there is not clarity, when there is hesitancy about something then that usually means there is an energy…

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Sex and the surprising weight loss connection.

Sex and the surprising weight loss connection. So I was working on my fitness business today putting together the pieces of my program, and then thinking about the marketing aspect. What do I need to write to market this stuff? What Funnels do I need to create in order to lead people down the path?…

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