Tips to Cut Sugar Now!

Fat has gotten a bad rap for a long time. It was considered to contribute to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Well with growing evidence and research it’s not fat its sugar!

I’m going to cover a few reasons why sugar is bad for you and give you a few tips to help you kick the habit

Why sugar is bad.

  1. It has absolutely no nutritional value and it overloads your liver, which leads to non-alcoholic liver disease and it leads to type 2 diabetes.
    1. Insulin tells the cells to start burning glucose instead of fat. It’s a hormone and when diabetes sets in it means your body isn’t telling it the right thing to do anymore
  2. Sugar is a carcinogen, which means it causes cancer. Sugar is highly acidic and the acid rots your body away. Think of old batteries. Did you know that cancer cells cannot exist in the body if the body is in an alkaline state?
  3. Because of its effects on the brain sugar is like a drug. Sugar promotes fat and obesity. Sugar is proven not to satisfy that’s why you want more. It releases dopamine, which is highly addictive so if you aren’t satisfied and you’re addicted you’re going to consume more. By consuming more you get fat.
  4. the leading cause of heart disease is sugar, not fat. Large amounts of sugar raise the triglycerides, which raise blood glucose and insulin levels, which increases abdominal fat all a recipe for heart disease

But don’t lose hope! You can kick the sugar cravings like I did.

So I’m going to give you this quote first. Don’t’ ask for life to be easy, ask for it to be worth it. So I say that cause it’s not exactly easy! Not going to sugar coat this, no pun intended, but you’re dealing with chemical addiction when it comes to sugar so there are going to be with draws.

  1. My suggestion is to figure out why you want to quit and then do it cold turkey! Yep give it up completely, wean your body off of it for a period of a few weeks then you can go back to having what I call a zag day where you zag a little off your diet
  2. Once you’ve weaned yourself off then you can find alternatives such as stevia, honey or agave.
  3. Eat healthier because the healthier you eat the less your body will crave it.
  4. exercise, meditate, go for a walk
  5. don’t shop in the middle of the grocery store

Your body will go through withdraws. The worst is over within a week. Anyone can do 7 days.

Once you’ve made it through the worst, do whatever you can to not have these things in your home. That is the best and easiest way to not fall back into the habit. Just don’t buy it.

Remember sugar is the reason why you don’t feel as good as you want to feel.

So give it a meaning and kick the habit, for your health.

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