Trust is the way to Manifestation

Remember You don’t have to do this alone.

And the only reason you may feel you’re doing this alone is because you haven’t asked & trusted God.

It boils down to trust.

If you have a fractured relationship with the masculine you’ll find it impossible to trust God.

A woman with a fractured relationship with the masculine is very controlling because she is in her fear. Fear that if she doesn’t control her outer reality then it will fall apart around her.

She thinks she has to do it all. & when she operations from this place she is in wounded feminine. She is stuck & she is small & has no radiance.

You are at a choice point right now.

You can choose the lower timeline & continue in fear, trying to do it all yourself, needing to stay in control of your outer world


You can choose the timeline that anchors in God/Source/Creator & you live from a total place of trust & abundance knowing the masculine has your back & is providing & taking care of you.

A woman in the first timeline will find it impossible to have a healthy relationship with much of anything let alone a lover.

You must heal this timeline in order for the desires of your heart to be met especially if abundance & romantic love is your deepest soul desire.

You cannot bypass this. It will not be given to you just because you’re doing the manifestation techniques you are taught.

No it doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to heal, then you can apply the manifestation techniques & bring your desire to you.

What do you desire? Have you made it plain?
I am here to help you with the healing part. Inside Sovereign Warrior Rising I’ll teach you have to heal the trust & the wounds around the masculine so that you can begin to manifest. It’s your time siSTAR. I love you & I want to help you. I know the pain of what I write all too well. If you feel the call go to the link & get registered.

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