Our Twin Flames True Mirror & What it Means

When we judge our twin flame we judge an aspect of ourselves.

When we reject our twin flame we reject an aspect of ourselves. 

This post is going to go deep. Wow so many realizations coming through. This can be somewhat confusing to wrap your head around because you still must stand in your own power as a sovereign being.

this journey…it’s about love. not in a romantic sort of way. This love transcends romantic love. This love is the ultimate love. Unconditional love is the beyond anything romantic.

If you follow me regularly I’ve had quite a journey and I’ve lived it out vulnerably in front of a big audience.

I’ve known my twin for many years and for me it’s always been this love/hate dynamic. I could be so critical and judgmental. There were times when I didn’t like him at all and times when I desired him so deeply, he was all I thought about.

I have been judgmental of my twin. And what I realize is that when I judge him, I judge me. There were things that I knew were going on over the last 6 months that I would hear and before like in January, February and March I didn’t want to acknowledge those things I’d hear so judgment would come up and I would stuff it down.

I would stuff it down out of this notion that he was my One and I didn’t want to be judgmental towards my divine counterpart. But I viewed the divine counterpart aspect differently. I viewed it as the ultimate romantic partner. That we were meant to be together in romantic bliss.

And everything I did was to get that end result. Was what I was doing at that time even authentic? Or was it horse trading? Was I giving to get? Expecting a return on my investment. I can’t say that it was authentic because all I wanted was Him.

I was disrespectful of his relationship calling his girlfriend a karmic and meaning it as demeaning and less than me since she wasn’t his twin flame, some how making me appear more important because our connection was more important because we have a label for it.

But every relationship in our life plays a key role in helping us learn and grow. Relationships magnify human emotion. They mold us, and teach us so much. All relationships are important.

In April I went through a process of taking my power back from this journey. I had realized what I was doing was doing it to get my twin back in my life. I realized it was coming from lower frequencies of lack and control and I knew deep down I needed to stop projecting out towards him to try to get him back and I knew I needed to return all that energy back to me.

I felt liberated in that process! So free, so powerful. Yes I stood in my power and said no more victim to this dynamic. I’ll be my own Sovereign Soul.

I no longer felt the deep longing and sadness to have him in my life. I let go of the daydreams and fantasies. I let go of the desire to know what was going on in his life and I was very self focused. I became Ok if we never got together romantically. I can say even though I was in that place I still had no desire to run into him or to see him. But I felt more whole, more me, more centered. I was proud of myself for standing in that sovereignty.

Then in May I got super triggered by something I heard and I just judgment vomited all over him. I allowed this deep anger to rage up against him and I held nothing back. I was literally in such low vibration with him, I could see fire. I wanted nothing to do with him and I allowed all that stuffed down judgment to come up and out.

This past week I have been deeply processing some things. I have been shown some things that are key to this journey.

I was shown my twins humanity, I saw the real mirror, the meaning of this journey. It has been a journey that led me all the way back to unconditional love.

Like it doesn’t matter how he shows up in the world I still love him. I see his humanity, that boy inside acting from what he learned. Compassion came over me and I realized that no it’s not about the romantic aspect of love, it’s totally about unconditional love. Literally loving him no matter what.

There’s no expectation of a romantic connection. I can truly always be here for him should he ever reach out and need me.

I surrendered the judgment. The passive aggressive comments. The desire to not see him again. The need to feel like I had to be mean should I run into him. I let all that go and surrendered in a true embodiment of unconditional love for this human. This divine counterpart whom I need absolutely nothing from.

That is true sovereignty. This deep surrender and acknowledgment of him as a sovereign soul as well that deserves my love and support just because he is a human. Has nothing to do with even the label of twin flame.

It doesn’t even matter if that label even exists. Because it’s not about the label, the connection, the longing, the sensing of them, the epic sex, the dynamic. It has nothing to do with romantic love.

It’s truly about the unconditional love we embody when we hold a higher frequency. As Paul Selig says “You cannot be in the Christ Frequency with out honoring the Christ in another.” Powerful words.

Seeing our twin as a romantic option for love only is not unconditional love, it’s not Christed frequency love because there is still an attachment to something working out with them.

When you can drop the attachments, labels, and things having to work out with them you enter a new realm of love. You can see and perceive their Christed self because you’re not in it to get anything from them. You see them in their sovereignty, their freedom, their worth because at this point you see yourself in your sovereignty, freedom and worth.

This is what I learned on this journey. It’s been brought all the way back around to this. Unconditional love. Where I have dropped all judgment of my twin flame because when I judge and reject my twin I judge & reject myself.

I can now say I will unconditionally love my twin flame from this place and will always be here should he ever need me and hold the highest light for him on his journey whether it ever turns romantic or not.

Unconditional love wins every time. This is what the journey is all about.

For deeper help and understanding to move low frequencies out, my 6 week course is available to you. To purchase it go to www.jennedwards.net/Sovereignsoul



  1. Thank you for opening my eyes, heart and mind. I TRULY kept getting Lost on how to let go THOUGH I know my twin flame are one. I am currently working on myself TRULY becoming the best version of myself and I’m proud of myself but It’s a process. I think about my twin flame every day, looking at his picture and feeling him, when I’m exercising I feel our energy connection so deeply. I don’t hold anything against him he’s a Beautiful being and I welcome our separation because I want to become work on myself. I don’t want anything from him though I m TRULY grateful for this Amazing opportunity to be able to transform my life, I know I need to focus on myself however I find it difficult to TRULY let go. Crazy… or not.

    • I totally understand! I was there once. My free guide on the 4 soul stages will help you a lot. That’s available here on my website. I also have my youtube channel with lots of videos to help. It’s a beautiful journey and there is another side to it! Keep doing you. xo Jenn

  2. I am married and I met my twin flame a few months ago. At first I didn’t understand why I felt these feelings towards him. On the day we met we just connected on such a deep level. I was scared of these feelings and told myself it is wrong to have this connection with another man. I’ve accepted the fact that we can’t be together but we became very good friends. Whenever people see us together they don’t understand our relationship. We have never been intimate in a sexual way but when we together it is so magical. We communicate without saying a word to each other. I have grown so much since meeting him. I look at life differently and I am happy he is part of my journey

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