What are you grateful for?

Hey loves! So what are you grateful for today? Gratitude shifts your vibration instantly. I make a list of 5 things in my journal every day. It’s how I end each day.
There’s a beautiful story about this rose.
So I’m working through some of the deepest core wounds of worthiness right now. I’ve created some circumstances that kinda suck & they tie back to feeling worthy. It’s been my biggest struggle & now the Universe is asking me to play a bigger game so all my worthiness stuff is coming up. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s necessary in order for me to move it out.
So yesterday I took a long walk...like 6 miles way off the beaten path. There’s a saying that says ‘there’s no traffic beyond the extra mile’ well that’s where I was at. Well beyond the extra mile where there was very little foot traffic just bikes.
I didn’t have any music playing because I was just talking to Source/Creator/God, my angels, & my guides. They were helping work through worthiness.
I was planning on a ceremony later that night & needed a flower. I didn’t know how I was going to get a flower, it’s early March so not much is blooming right now.
Just then I literally look over on to the bank of this trail & there is this rose!!! You guys this is so far off any road, we’re talking at least 3 or more miles up a path!! I was mind blown!
What are the chances that a rose would be in that place, let alone be so perfect, white & beautiful!! The Universe placed it there just for me! It was a sign that it’s all going to work out.
So what are you grateful for? And what is the Universe asking you to work through. You guys... the TF journey is the ultimate growth game. It’s no surprise to me that I have a TF because I’ve been on a growth path so long.
Do you realize you are meant to grow to become the greatest version of yourself & this journey is calling that forth? The Universe is done with you playing a small game settling for mediocre & not stepping into your full power & potential! Your TF is your catalyst to create an epic life!
That's why I've launched Hearts Edge. It's a powerful home study course that will help you break through the pain cycle and give you the tools you need to continue working through your blocks to twin flame harmonious union.
This journey is definitely painful and I wanted to offer you a resource to help you through it. It's not all about the pain though. I also help you create and manifest exactly what you want and we dive into the sacred masculine and feminine energies.
All in all working on yourself is the fastest way to union with your twin flame. If we don't work on ourself then when the twin shows back up after an extended separation then everything flares up again and we're back to square one. Frustrating cycle for sure.
So get enrolled today. It's self study so you can go as fast or as slow as you'd like. You can check out the details here! https://www.jennedwards.net/heartsedge
I'm grateful to help and serve you!

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