What is a Twin Flame?

What is a Twin Flame?

There are many different theories out there. Some say it’s a soul split in half, or another way of saying it is they are the other half of your soul.

I believe a twin flame is someone you share soul resonance with. You have the same soul yet you are two bodies, two minds.

With a twin flame relationship you have a completely different dynamic than any other type of relationship and trying to make a twin flame connection work like any other relationship will back fire every time.

When you meet your twin flame it’s often times very magical.

It may take some time to really feel the sparks, but there is a familiarity with the person like you know them. I know for my own experience I just wanted to tell him everything I could about myself and I wanted to know everything I could about him too. I just wanted to talk his leg off. Ha ha.

Everyone’s experience is completely different. Some people are in a relationship for awhile that breaks apart and then begins the runner/chaser dynamic. This can go on for years. But don’t get discouraged by all the negative stuff you read out there. You can have union and it doesn’t have to take a long time or be hard. Stick with my blog here and my you tube channel and I’ll teach you.

In my experience, I’ve known my twin since 2012 but never had a relationship with him. There was always just this magnetism with him that I couldn’t explain and every time we’d get in contact or see each other it would be magical then the runner/chaser/pusher dynamic would start and trigger my core wounds up to heal.

It’s ok to doubt whether you are on the twin flame journey especially if you’ve never had a relationship with your twin. I certainly did, I questioned it all the time until the signs were so strong and so frequent that I couldn’t deny it if I wanted to.

You do have a deep inner knowing about it so learn to listen to your soul. It knows without question.

What is it's purpose?

Soul growth and ascension. It is meant to be used to wake us up. Wake us up to our potential as creators, of what we are really capable of and most importantly wake us up to unconditional love.

Seems the best way to do that is through the heart. Hmmm interesting right? This divine plan is carefully scripted to help strip away the armor around your heart and the best way to do that is through the most magnetic connection you could ever dream of.

It’s so magnetic that even through the crazy and the chaos you still keep coming back because of this inner knowing that it’s suppose to work!

Yes it’s definitely suppose to work, but only when you start to listen to your soul and come into soul resonance with it. You must come to realize you are a sovereign soul destined for a mission here on the planet to help raise the frequency to love or above. In order to do that you must leave behind the old ways of thinking acting and believing and step into a completely new reality. A reality where love rules and we drop the lower vibe stuff like judgment, jealousy, shame, guilt, anger and pride.

We also drop the most important lower vibration and that is FEAR. We must face fear and alchemize it right out of our systems and field of existence. Your long standing fears will surface like a vengeance when you meet your twin flame. Not to frustrate or aggravate you, but to help you face them, shrink them, put them in their place so that you can truly live a life of joy and freedom.

Chances are if you are on the twin flame journey you are or have been asking for something more. You’re like sitting at work, maybe in your cubicle going there has to be more to life than what I’m living? You’re searching for answers and coming up short.

Well believe it or not your twin came along to help you with just that. It’s just disguised as a really hot, magnetic unexplainable connection with another human being that is meant to perfectly mirror all your fears so that they come up for healing and you shed the armor no longer serving you so that you may serve in a great way.

How perfect the divine plan of the Universe is sometimes although in the moment it’s hard to understand especially if we have no idea about twin flames.

There’s a lot of discouraging information out there about twin flames. I always say union is the gift not the goal, however union is absolutely possible and I’m here to help you get there.

Once you’re there you’ll be thanking yourself for never giving up. You’ve landed in the right place to help you make sense of this journey as well as follow the path of least resistance to get to your ultimate destination which is with your most divine partner soul mate you could ever imagine being with. I guess that’s the reward for the initial pain of figuring this whole thing out right?

I’ve got a lot of resources to help you out. I’m here to serve. You’ll be a completely new person by the end of your journey so please don’t give up. The planet needs you to become the person you get to become as a result of this journey.

Follow me…I’ll show you the way. I promise it’s so beautiful. You’ll be eternally grateful you did.

Many blessings to you.


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  1. I am in the chase runner stage. No contact for 3 months. Starting to not believe but then I do !

    • Lots to work through. There is an other side to this journey. Have you checked out my latest youtube videos? They can help you for sure!

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