Why was I afraid to Manifest?

Are you afraid of trying to manifest your desires and dreams?


There’s so much talk about manifestation lately, it seems like it’s everywhere. And it seems like so many people are making it work for them in their lives.

But this is a serious question and one that smacked me right in the face today during my Conversation with God. I’ve been doing this thing lately where I’ll meditate and then get my journal out and just start writing questions and allowing the “pen” to answer. It’s coming from a higher place that Divine Connection with God I know that. I know that these conversations are channeled work and I’m loving this process.

I have literally transformed so much stuff by doing this.

So I’m in this huge time of transition, where I’m leaving an industry that I’ve known for a decade and pursuing my calling, my passion and what my soul is here on earth to do. It’s a scary leap and for some reason, I kept seeing in my mind the worst case scenario happening.

That I would fall flat on my face, not be able to pay my bills, lose everything and wind up having to get a job I didn’t like just to survive. It’s crazy, I kept seeing that as the outcome. And I was like WHY why do I keep seeing the negative? How can I transcend these thoughts and images?

Here’s what came through…

“The worst case requires no magic. No real manifestation, it just can be. But any other outcome requires faith, magic, and for you to believe in something higher, bigger and outside of yourself than anything you can do on your own. Any other outcome requires a miracle and you’re afraid to believe in a miracle for yourself.

Because you’re afraid of ….what if God doesn’t really care or hear you, or answer. You want to control the outcome and live in that realm of certainty, however, you’ve asked to live on another realm you’ve asked to thrive and in order to thrive you have to believe in powers greater than you and you have to surrender fully the outcome to a higher mind.

You in your smallness finite mind can easily create with little effort the worst case scenario. That takes no effort at all. That takes no miracle.

But it takes faith courage and surrender to manifest thriving miracles and allow the heavens to show up for you. You have to release control. You don’t direct your life solely, it’s a co-creation. So why don’t you line up with all that is here for you and believe in something greater than you is at work behind the scenes, here to support you and see you prosper beyond your wildest dreams. If you give up control and believe and allow you have your thrive life waiting for you. Believe love yourself enough to believe.”

Wow, that was a lot to see and it’s really a mirror reflection of my own love for myself and cleaning up the inside to reflect the greatness that is already here for me.

Anyone else suffer with limiting beliefs and not feeling like you’re worth it? You’re afraid to manifest because what if it doesn’t work for me?

That’s a sign of not loving yourself enough and trusting that the Divine loves you enough to supply all of your needs.

As soon as I finished channeling this message I went and did Kundalini Yoga and moved the energy out and through me. I felt the complete shift in energy the minute I did that. I asked for help moving the energy out, I asked for it to be gone and it is gone! Wow! What a powerful recognition.

This was a crossroads moment. Had I stayed in those thoughts and beliefs then I really could have gone down an undesirable road, and I’m so grateful for the awareness and shift.

Gabby Bernstein describes manifestation as “acquiring the experience of what I want to feel, live, and be and live, believing in that experience and then allowing that experience to come into fruition/form.”

You know the Course in Miracles states “there’s no order of difficulty in miracles”. It doesn’t matter what you are asking for or how difficult it may seem to you, or how much time you think it should take to manifest something, none of that matters because there’s no order of difficulty that means ANYTHING can manifest and be yours as long as you hold the belief deep down that it can.

The Course also states that “miracles occur naturally and when they aren’t occurring something is wrong

So the truth lies deep down, our vibration holds the truth and our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world. So we must hold the desire, vibration, thoughts and frequency clearly and be open to receive and surrender the HOW to a greater Mind. This takes faith and a lot of patience.

Do you wish to live the life of your desires?

Then align and trust the best outcome is on its way NOW.

Xo Jenn


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