Your Next Level

Leveling Up

It’s truly more chaotic going into a breakthrough.

Your entire energy field, nervous system & ego is fighting to keep you the same & safe.

They don’t know that the New Next Level is going to be better!

So when you’re faced with that breakthrough it’s your job to have


And POWER to walk it out as if its done.

Your next level requires a next level version of yourself.

This isn’t about pretty manifestation techniques you apply on the daily.

No if you have deep programs, projections, Karma & agreements around certain things it’s going to take you getting radical in your pursuit of busting through all your stuff.

This isn’t a time to lean back in your feminine grace & watch it all flow in.

NO because love, You can’t even be in your authentic feminine power until you move this stuff out.

You’ll only be trying to DO feminine instead of embodying & being feminine.

The foundation to your feminine embodiment is trust in the masculine. This will require you to slay your lower dimensional dragons. It will require your masculine energy to be front & center for awhile.

Then once you master this energy you can then step into your divine feminine.

Sovereign Warrior will take you on the journey to this radical transformation you seek. We’ll go in there & actually transform the wounds into Power. I am enrolling for this course right now. Do you feel the call to your next level? Have you had enough of the same old same old? Link

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